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A Touch of Bass


The fully functional Bluetooth Art piece that streams your music from the cleverly designed vintage boombox collection of prints.

We are The Case Creators and You Have Arrived

A Case of Bass is a portable sound system for the aesthetic virtuoso in each of us. Hand-built to ensure quality and craftsmanship, each Case of Bass is sure to compliment your intrinsic sense of style. Hit play on the soundtrack of your adventures.

Bass Camp
Portland Waterfront

Every Case is Unique

After scouring the country for the finest vintage suitcases, we pair them with a selection of speakers that guarantee the best combination of sound and aesthetic. Lastly we incorporate reliable technologies that seamlessly tie into the unique stylings of the cases. Each one is powered and engineered to let you grab music by the handle and set off on the journey that is your life.

Find Your Case

Discover the one that fits your life and then you can let us worry about making your case sound and look better than you ever expected. In partnership with local Portland businesses, artists, and craftsmen we create the one of a kind piece of art and science that is a Case of Bass.

Blaine Fontana paints with McGregor


Fresh New Additions

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    Captain Cristos
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    Lolita Blanca
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