Can I play CD's on my Case?

-NO, there is no CD tray in a Case of Bass. If you have a discman then YES. Plug it in with the included 3.5mm cable and go.

Can I put things inside my case?

-NO, the cases are sealed to protect the components inside. The case acts as the speaker box as well and the empty space inside is very important to get the desired results when Bumping your beats.

Do you offer a warranty?

-YES, all cases are warrantied for one year against defects in components or faulty labor. We work very hard to create and stringently test cases before they go out to you to guarantee that they do not get a lemon.

Are all cases portable?

-Yes, all Cases come with a rechargeable battery system that is built in. Just plug it in to charge and your Case will always be ready to hits the streets for your next adventure.

How long does the battery charge last?

-The Rechargeable Battery Packs we use are Lithium-Ion based custom built. The amplifiers we use are very efficient and they make the most out of all the power the batteries have to offer. If the Case is blasting you will get 8-10 hours. If you listen at a normal middle of the road level they can last 18-24 hours. They are awesome!

I have a Case that I want built out, do you do that?

-Yes, we love building out your cases that you have a connection with. We offer a standard $40 credit towards your Case of Bass if you bring your own case.

Do you ship internationally?

-Yes, we have sent cases all over the world. Please inquire if you want something sent internationally. Different countries have different restrictions on sizes for packages. They must be packaged very well in order to make the journey, so boxes get big.

What do the different classes mean?

-Without seeing all the cases in person it's hard to gauge exactly what is what, so we created classes based mostly around size to differentiate the cases. The smaller cases aren't necessarily the quietest ones, these cases are all gonna boom.

How much does a case weigh?

-Well like the different sizes they all vary in weight and it's mostly due to speakers. Some of the small cases can get pretty dense with magnets. They range from 8-25lbs but average portable system with battery etc, is about 15lbs.

Any other questions please feel free to ask info@caseofbass.com


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