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Case of Bass Contents Breakdown

What’s inside this crazy creation? Each case is hand-assembled and carefully designed by the CoB team to create a state of musical nirvana. Speaker selection and placement are based on performance and aesthetics, to maximize the look and sound of each unique piece. Powerful digital amplifiers are mounted to our custom Case of Bass control panels which allow you to control the Volume, Bass, and Treble. Inside each case is a robust, rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery pack that can keep your music bumping for a solid 10-12 hours when fully charged. Our goal is to create your new favorite thing. If you don’t completely love your new Case of Bass, I will eat my hat.

The journey to your musical bliss starts now

When you buy a Case of Bass you have declared that you will not be just another consumer of the soulless plastic crap. You are investing in your life adventures that unfold with your soundtrack washing over your new environment steeped in style.

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