BoomBox Construction Kit is here to stay

Boombox Construction Kit

Hellion Gallery and Case of Bass are teaming up for Design Week Portland this year.We are giving 20 local designers, artists and craftspeople a kit containing all of the necessary components to build a stereo system.  These folks will then build a custom designed case for these parts.  All cases will be auctioned off the night of October 11th with profits going to the Children’s Cancer Association and the Doug Flutie Jr foundation for Austism in the memory of Bob Saff.
Boombox Construction Kit – 20 designers were give a kit that includes a 100 watt digital amplifier, 2-6.5″ wolfers, 2-1″ poly dome tweeters, a horn, lit power switch, 1/8″ stereo input, volume control and a 10 hour rechargeable NiMh battery system.  We asked them to make a unique case to accommodate the items in the kit.  You are now looking at the result.  Enjoy.