MuuRay and Don head east to see Lady Gaga

Yesterday We Finished up the final touches on Auntie MuuRay and Uncle Don just in time to get them packed to ship across the country to Cambridge, MA.  Why did we do that you might ask, well Let’s just say a little bird told us that they might be a good addition to the launch of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.  In partnership with Oprah Winphrey, The Berkman center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, The MacArthur Foundation, and The California Endowment we would like to add Case of Bass to that list of supporters.  Here are a few pics of the cases getting ready for travel, you’de think they would be used to it by now.

The Born to be Brave Bus is the mechanism for Lady Gaga’s Foundation.  Reaching out to youths in a way they understand.  If my eyes don’t deceive me they understand Case of Bass.